Apr 232010

At the far end of the spectrum of self-reliance and preparedness we find the survivalists. These are folks who are preparing for TEOTWAWKI—The End of the World As We Know It. The go to site on the web is Survival Blog run by J.W. Rawles who has written both fiction and non-fiction—How To Survive the End of the World as We Know It.

Survivalism is based on a fairly dark view of both the future and human nature. However, the way things are going so far in the Year of the Tiger survivalists may have a point. Practitioners of survivalism have a fairly clear vision of their ideal situation. They want to have an isolated retreat (Montana or Idaho are preferred), off the grid, with clear fields of fire. Since most of these people are still working in another location they want to be totally prepared to get where they are to where they want to be when TSHTF. This requires having a properly equipped vehicle, reserves of fuel, a “bug out” bag containing necessary items, clothing, food, water plus guns and ammo. At the retreat there will be a large pre-placed cache of food and weapons to allow them to survive after they arrive. The retreat will have a water source, space for a large garden and firewood. The survivalist will have a supply of gold and silver coins and an accumulation of goods for barter.

If you find the idea of Survivalism interesting or curious you can read The Precepts of Rawlsian Survivalist Philosophy for more detail.

Rawles certainly isn’t the only person taking a lead in the survivalist movement. Cody Lundin is another interesting fellow whose book When All Hell Breaks Loose has all sorts of interesting information on how to deal with a disaster such as “what to do with a dead body” and other subjects we don’t like to think about.

As with any other area of interest there is an entire industry built around “survival” offering books, DVD’s, dried foods, gardening equipment, camping gear, water purification, weapons and accessories, food grinders and on and on. Lots of great information available by Googling “survivalism.”

They may be wrong about the future; may find themselves living lonely lives in the wilds of Idaho trying to eat up the rest of that canned food. On the other hand they may be right that marauding bands of brigands will soon be trying to take our stuff.

It’s hard to feel like one needs to go as far as the survivalists. Sometimes it’s easier to believe that the future is out of our control and that we must have faith that all will work out.

Yet, as the wise man said, “Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel.”


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