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  1. The core of Bellingham has remained unchanged since I got here in the 70’s; funky, down to earth, basically a great place to be. Whats gotten way better is how people get around town these days. The greenways program is simply a god send for transportation. I cruised around last week doing some urban exploration on my mtn bike and had a blast! Trail after trail took me from Whatcom Falls park to Fairhaven, ran into lots of families and friends just doing their day to day gig by bicycle. It certainly wouldn’t break my heart to catch a passenger boat from Lummi to Fairhaven with my bicycle and bob trailer. Perhaps not the most convienent route but certainly quite doable with the way Bellingham is set up these days.

  2. Jim, Randy:
    What are you gonna do when you can’t move around, even on Lummi Island? What kind of community will you need then?

  3. Gunar, what do you mean by “can’t move around?”
    Wheelchair? House arrest? No bike tires?

  4. Randy (and Jim)

    Answer in whole or part by part. Any discussion of “Transition” to Sustainibility must include the formula and context of individual as part of community. Humans are, by natural selection, social vertebrates. Even 60’s drop outs returned to the context of community sooner or later.

    So far the blog has been overweighted on the “individualism” side of the equation, a necessary component of course. But it is time to move the blog more toward discussion of the complement to individualism, “community as a sustainable and sustaining entity”. Can you do that please? Use the Lummi Island community as the context for each of the situations you present (above).

  5. Gunnar, Most of what I’ve followed in this blog speaks to the Lummi Island community through its wealth of information. What islands are doing elsewhere, how the individual can improve their skill sets, and how we can prepare ourselves as a community for a changing world. Are these all not adding to the LI community in becoming a sustainable and sustaining entity? I put this out to you, tell us what you envision Lummi Island as a community to look like in the future. Rosy lens glasses encouraged but not required. Jim

  6. Jim,
    The original question remains unanswered. Do not deflect or throw it back at me. I am not going to answer it for you. You have the capability to answer it without doing that. Again:

    “What are you gonna do when you can’t move around, even on Lummi Island? What kind of community will you need then?”

  7. Gunar,

    You need to answer the question posed earlier….what do you mean by “when you can’t move around”? Stuck in a house dying? Martial law prevents you from leaving your house, or quarantine?. Chained to a bed? Be specific, then perhaps someone can chime in with a specific answer to your burning question, otherwise I’m afraid you’ve lost me. Bert

  8. Gunnar, I’m not sure if If you are physically unable to get around this island please give me a call and I will help you out to the best of my abilities. Jim #7020

  9. Gunar,

    Just taking a stab here. I believe some Islanders are getting together to discuss health issues, senior issues, etc. Even a small island like Peaks Island has addressed these issues…other Maine islands have also made arrangements for health and welfare…….Peaks Island even has a volunteer island transportation organization. Winter population is around 850. Lummi Islanders just get on the boat at anytime during the day and go to the mainland doctor. Medflight gets them off in a dire emergency. I think a health provider on the island would be a good thing. The less convenient it is to get to the mainland, the more an island population gets self sufficient, and above all, becomes a real, tight knit community. Anyways….not sure if this is what you’re getting at, but….


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