Mar 312010

Dung Repository

George Washington was not only the father of our country. He was also the father of American composting. Weak soil at Mt. Vernon led Washington to experiment with putting organic material back into his soil. He devised a “dung repository” to process manure. “The “repository for dung” was designed to compost animal manure and a variety of organic materials to “cure” into fertilizer for use in the nearby gardens and orchard.  The building illustrates George Washington’s dedication to finding ways to increase the fertility of his soil and to convert Mount Vernon into a model of progressive farming.  The original 31 X 12-foot, open walled structure was built in 1787 and was reconstructed in 2001.  Archaeologists revealed remnants of the brick foundation walls along with the virtually intact cobble stone floor, and they have been incorporated into the reconstructed building.”

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