Mar 302010

I don’t think that we, as islanders, have a “Plan B” to take effect if something were to happen to the Whatcom Chief. Whatcom County has a Plan B (we think) which would consist of a passenger ferry to Fairhaven with good weather trips to be determined for the Chief to haul critical vehicles back and forth.

The question remains should we, as an island community, have our own Plan B, a contingency plan to prepare us for the unexpected? And, if we do need a back up plan, what organization or group should put the plan together? Could this be a role for PLIC? Or, would it fit as part of our Fire Department’s Disaster Preparedness program?

The ferry has always seemed to me to be a rather tenuous connection. A number of things could happen (i.e. maintenance issues) which could take it out of service for a short or long term. Making a deal with the Lummis is only one problem. Even if a lease gets signed for Gooseberry Point something could happen to the ferry. The declining fortune of the national and local economy is going to affect the County’s future ability to replace the ferry and the docks.

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