Feb 282010

I’ve been gardening for only three years. Boy, have I learned a lot. Recently I learned that I’m pretty much doing it all wrong. (I’ll get into that much later because there is no point in causing confusion). And, even not doing it right we raised a ton of food.

The important thing with gardening is to get started. It’s not that hard. You don’t even need to dig if you don’t want to. Sheet composting or lasagna gardening works just fine. You start with newspaper or cardboard and layer leaves, dirt, compost, seaweed, sawdust or whatever. Cover it up with black plastic and over a relatively short period of time it will make dirt and you can grow something. The main thing I’ve learned is that stuff wants to grow. Seeds are compelled to sprout. Some dirt, some water and sun and you’ll have a crop. Later you can worry about getting everything just right.

You don’t need a big space either. You can grow a productive garden in pots. Many city people have turned their front or back yards (or both) into a productive garden. In fact, there is a business opportunity for an energetic gardener on Lummi Island to come in and build and maintain small vegetable plots for those who don’t have the time.

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