Mar 252010

Bullock's on Orcas

The Transition Movement is based on the principles of “permaculture” a word derived from permanent culture and permanent agriculture. Permaculture really isn’t a technique. It’s a process, a philosophical approach to achieving sustainable systems. I’ve read a couple of books on permaculture and it isn’t an easy system to access and understand quickly. The permaculture folks use lots of words like “holistic” and “integrative” and “ecosystem.”

There isn’t a master plan involved in permaculture but a way of thinking about living in harmony with what’s available to you. The gist of permaculture, I think, is to try to create and environment where you use everything and attempt to make use of what is close at hand. Permaculture starts at home. You also try to assist nature to do what it wants to do anyway.

Here are some simple things that are permaculture ideas: having a garden, composting, using green manures, collecting rainwater, making kindling bundles, using leaves and grass for mulch, using seaweed for fertilizer, building with local or on site materials, creating food forests.

Orcas Island is the home of the Bullock Brothers Permaculture Homestead. Peak Moment TV made a 28 minute documentary of the Bullock Brother’s operation. Over the years they have evolved into a nursery and permaculture design service. It’s fascinating to see what they have accomplished.