Feb 272010

The Transition Town Movement focuses  locally, on community, on self-sufficiency and sustainability. The idea is to create a resilient environment that can react to change. The changes the Transition Movement worries about are Peak Oil, Climate Change and economic disruption. But the emphasis is on being prepared for whatever might happen.

The Transition Movement is based on a belief that we can’t continue to use energy at the same rate we have been using it. If you want the details you could jump ahead in The Crash Course to the chapter on Peak Oil. It takes 17 minutes to watch the video. If you are a fast reader you can probably  read the text faster.

Simply stated, if in the future we can’t just jump in our private auto and go where ever we want, we have to be working on some alternatives so that we can maintain a comfortable lifestyle. That’s all the Transition Movement is talking about. Whidbey Island has much progress in their Transition program and they document it in this short  feature: