Jun 272011

Now that I’ve had a whiff of summer I’m not too enthused about pounding away on a laptop so blogging will be intermittent. If the world looks like it may be coming to an end perhaps someone will ride over on their bike and let me know. I’ll be in the garden. If you can’t find me there, check the hammock.


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  1. Another Ed Scott convert!

  2. Does this mean I have to go back to watching television? Crap…..

  3. Ed, I would call those reports “mainstream media misdirects.” Check this out:


  4. I’m not really sure what the purpose of “Mainstream Media Misdirects” are. I do think it is possible that the reporter that wrote the MSNBC article may not have all the facts, or may have misinterpreted the data, and facts being reported on. There is of course a difference between attempting to collect, analyze, and interpret the truth, and the act of advocating for one specific position, say, the collapse of the World as we know it. If one is advocating for one specific view in a Blog, the approach would be to present every source of information available which bolsters that position, and dismiss or dispute any views which take a different view. I find a good way of attempting to find the truth, is to examine all the materials available covering all positions on the subject, and attempting to reach a rational opinion based on all the facts I can uncover. In examining the news of my World, I like to check in on NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, FOX, and BBC. They don’t always agree. I don’t always accept what they present as my truth. It is all interesting to me, as is this Blog. I am sure I am occasionally misdirected. I always have hope that I will recover. I am enjoying it all. Back in the days when Dan Rather reported on the Vietnam War, I was sure that CBS was Rather biased.

  5. Ed, this is a very interesting discussion. The question is: where should we go to get the news? Should we get it from General Electric (NBC), Disney (ABC), Comcast (NBC), Sumner Redstone (CBS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumner_Redstone), or Rupert Murdock (Fox).
    Mainstream media is bought and paid for by six media companies http://www.freepress.net/ownership/chart/main
    That’s the beauty of the internet and the zillions of blogs and alternate sources of information.
    My morning reading goes like this:
    Glenn Greenwald in Salon.com
    Eschaton (a blog)
    James Kunstler on Mondays
    Jim Sinclair
    Lew Rockwell blog
    Anything by Matt Taibbi
    Any story in the NY Times by Charlie Savage
    Mike Adams (the health ranger)
    Dr. Sircus
    And many others
    For local news:
    Get Whatcom Planning (David Stalheim blog)
    For island stuff:
    Ferry Forum
    (more island blogs would be helpful)
    I’m lucky enough to be on Bert S’s email list. He provides dozens of amazing links to alt news sources each week focusing on economics.
    As a former addict of TV news I am proud to report that I am mainstreet media free for three years.
    I feel better informed and less manipulated. For example: why don’t the networks report on the nuclear crisis in Nebraska? Why has Fukishima fallen off their radar? Does it have anything to do with GE being in the nuclear biz?
    Why is the Casey Anthony story important? An excellent example of misdirection.
    Why does the mainstream media attempt to marginalize guys like Dennis Kucinich (left) and Ron Paul (right)? Could it be because those guys want to close down the military and shut down the war on drugs?
    Where you get your news is important and a great discussion.
    I honestly disagree that surveying NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, FOX and the BBC will give you an accurate bead on what is really going on.

  6. I like it! My World view has been expanded. I will turn the TV back off, and start reading my new list of sources.

  7. Another convert. My work here is done!

  8. I’m not sure that “Mainstream Media Misdirects” are part of an intentional widespread conspiracy by the big corporate media news outlets to opiate the masses. It may be more that some underpaid news slogger in their cubicle is on a deadline to get something out and uses creative sloppy liberties with bits of data to come up with attention grabbing headlines. But the effect is the same, most of the public pushes that junk straight into their veins and twitterpates on it for a while neglecting to dig deeper to find the real truth. Often you hear things like “the xxxx has increased the most in 6 months showing a strong recovery”, where the reality is that 6 months ago there was a 0.2% increase, this month there is a 0.1% increase, but in every other month in ten years there has been more then 2% decrease. It is crap like that which gives reporters a bad name. It is best to see the data for yourself and make your own graphs. I think Bert would agree. Also, it is good to learn to read between the lines and to get good at translating double speak. Perhaps re-reading 1984 would be helpful.

    I said I would post something backing up my claim about petroleum reserves increasing via technology and method improvement. I was reading my latest High Country News (non-profit since 1970) and in an article on Fracking there was this, “As the technology made it possible to reach resources that had been inaccessible, estimates of the nation’s gas reserves jumped by two-thirds. Thirty-one states were being drilled in 2008, and geologists claimed the nation contained enough natural gas to supply its needs for a century.” I don’t know the authors source but here is a link to the article:


    Admittedly, fracking is horrible for the environment and drinking water and such. But in reporting the whole truth, the propane that most of the island uses is a byproduct of this natural gas extraction and as we demand it, it is supplied. Environmental destruction and pollution will be the result of the more intensive extraction of petroleum in the decades to come. But sadly, that will not stop the billions of humans on this planet from getting and using it.

    Back to the news; It is sad that there is not better reporting of the whole story, but there is just so much data out there these days that it is hard for reporters to make sense of conflicting information and come up with a distilled truth behind it. Bloggers may have fewer overlords demanding something at press time, but they are no less susceptible to the temptation of catchy titles and sensationalistic use of data to get attention. To get the real story, it is best to get it from the source. And unless you take your own readings, we have to trust the scientists who get them for us. Science has taken some hits lately (ie Global Warming scandals) and while not perfect, peer reviewed journals seem to be the best sources for us lay people. A nice science news website that give public friendly reporting with journal published links is:


    I wish there were an unbiased such site for economic science and news.

    So is a Prepper a subset of Collapsitarians? Are Transitionalists always Preppers? I need a breakdown of the hierarchy of terms and belief systems in this general movement to know how to self-identify. Would that be a possible posting for this rainy day on Lummi, Randy?

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