Jul 202010

Since I’m taking a short break we’ll welcome the thoughts of the Anonymous Blogger who lives on an island like I do:

I watched the Discovery Channel’s Energy series last night. It was good stuff. Basic and in layman’s terms. Of course it was sponsored by Shell Oil….but so it goes.  They used a light bulb as a measurement of “energy use per person” which led to the following observations: US consumption equals 100 light bulbs. Europe’s consumption equals 50 light bulbs. Asia equals 16 light bulbs. We are using twice as much energy as Europe and six times as much as Asia.

Americans are going to have to get more efficient with their energy use because we are clearly using more than our share.

Americans are very wasteful people.  We are not efficient with anything.  Asians and Europeans are way ahead of us.  Their transportation infrastructure alone puts them in front.  Of course there are many other variables that add to their ability to be efficient, but the bottom line is that the US that will now have to power down and meet the rest of the world. This is called “energy descent.”  This will be the transition that we will experience.  There is no option.

I think we have an enormous problem in the US. We’ve grown in a very rapid fashion on the back of an aging infrastructure.  Our infrastructure growth has not matched our population growth. We just grew our ability to consume energy.  Now we have a crumbling infrastructure unable to support the needs of the present and certainly not the needs of the future.

Our needs will have to diminish. A complete overhaul of our behavior is in order.  For example, we don’t need an internet that delivers all forms of content creating the need  to continually increase bandwidth. We just need basic text on the net and simple graphics. We are creating sources of energy drain for no reason except for entertainment. People will have to change.

For all the talk of energy it’s clear that water and food will be major players in the future.  Oil is not going away for a long time.  Solar, nuke, wind, tide, wave, etc, etc. are just stop gap tech. They are corporate driven. It’s about money: pass a carbon tax, create an industry, build big plants, put up some wind turbines, employ some people who will spend their money and consume.  All of this does not address the problem which is overpopulation and over consumption.

No matter what we create, the Earth has a certain carrying capacity. And folks, we’ve gone way beyond it.  So prepare for a future that will revolve around less of everything. I would certainly stock up on food, water, and other necessities because our aging infrastructure will break under growing demand.

If you think this is some sort of hoax, another Y2K, you are very mistaken.  The confluence of peak everything is going to be a game changer. We are using too many light bulbs.


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  1. They lied. China uses more energy then the U.S. does. Wonder what else they are lying about…

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