Nov 162010

Damon Vrabel continues his video lessons with a series called “The Culture of Empire.” First video is here:

Since You Tube is difficult to navigate, you can find the entire list of videos on Vrabel’s website here:

I can’t emphasize how helpful these “lessons” are in explaining such things as why Democrats and Republicans are simply two sides of the same coin. And, Mr. Vrabel, whose background is West Point, Harvard Business School and corporate American, focuses on one of my own favorite themes—how narcissism has prevailed as the force that dominates our culture.

Damon Vrabel describes the “misdirect” of politics better than anyone I’ve listened to recently. Our political system is a huge misdirect which leads us to the conclusion that we have a choice when, in fact, the fix is in. He also explains clearly how the laws of physics apply. Action and reaction. Bush 1 to Clinton. Clinton to Bush 2. Bush 2 to Obama creating the impression that there will be substantive change. And here’s the big idea: Vrabel teaches that we shouldn’t focus at all on Left vs. Right. What needs our attention is Big vs. Small. That’s where the battle is.  It’s the argument that has been going on since the early days of our country’s history. It’s the Jeffersonian Republic against Hamilton’s Federalism/Empire. The pendulum has swung wildly toward Empire. Time for it to swing the other way.


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