Mar 202011

The following linked article by Keith Harmon Snow (an acknowledged anti-nuke advocate) describes what he sees as the disinformation campaign that has developed to protect the nuclear power industry. Lots of comments in the news about how we (the USA) have nothing to worry about…which brings us to the elephant in the room: could we have a nuclear accident in this country on the magnitude of the disaster in Japan?

Money quote:

“Humanity now faces a deadly serious challenge coming out of Japan — the epicenter of radiation. Intentional efforts to downplay or dismiss this catastrophe reveal the immaturity of western civilization and some of our most acute human pathologies, including our worship of technology and our psychopathology of denial. The widespread distortion and cover-ups to protect private profits, national and corporate interests, to fool and betray the people, are unacceptable. Here are some of the deeper whats and whys and hows — some technical issues and the kinds of questions people need to ask — about the nuclear apocalypse unfolding on planet earth. Prayers are not enough. It’s time to question everything, to put politics aside, to take personal action to halt nuclear expansion and defend ourselves from this industrial juggernaut.”

Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan
Lifting the Veil of Nuclear Catastrophe and cover-up


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  1. From Germany, which is retiring old nuclear plants because it has a better — and MUCH further away — source of nuclear power.

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