Jun 152010

Like so many Americans, she was trying to construct a life that made sense from the things she found in gift shops.
-–Kurt Vonnegut

James Kunstler makes the point in his weekly Monday essay that one result of the Gulf Oil disaster will inevitably be less drilling in the Gulf because of increased safety regulations, difficulties in getting insurance and higher costs. As he points out the drillers will just move to areas where people don’t care if you oil up the oceans. The problem is that the Gulf was supposed to increase our domestically produced supply of oil to offset the depletion of oil from Alaska. This means our reliance on foreign oil will have to increase rather than decrease. Yet, and this is Kunstler’s main point, there is no leadership from the White House on the necessity of reducing the amount of oil we use. Happy motoring must continue unabated.

This ties together with one of the main theses of Charles Hugh Smith’s book Survival +. He argues that “consumerism” is in effect the state religion of the United States and directly benefits the plutocracy that controls the nation’s financial wealth. Consumerism directly benefits them and you pretty much have to get in your car and drive around to be an effective consumer.

Meanwhile 15 major oil and gas line projects are under construction around the world detailed here . We want that oil. It’s like the spice in Dune, the pipelines like the giant worms who bring it.

The spice comes with a steep price, however: “it is addictive, and withdrawal is fatal.”


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  1. http://www.theoildrum.com/node/6593#comment-648967
    From Naked Capitalism today.

  2. Thanks for making this point, Randy. Everyone is blaming BP for this spill. If we want spills to stop we have to stop using oil. What was that quote about “we have seen the enemy, and they are us”? Or something like that…

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