Feb 032016

IMG_7464 (1)As a recovered sports fan I now find amusing our attachment to professional teams, normally made up of young millionaires from other communities, many of whom will soon move on to teams in other cities. Seahawks mania has been especially intriguing as the Hawks have become the personal avatar for hundreds of thousands of NW fans.

It is impossible to not be affected by the impact of the Seahawks. Their ubiquitous logo appears on the back windows of autos: 12th man flags fly from flagpoles, evidence of the delusion that makes the non-participant believe they are having some sort of impact on the outcome of the contest. I suppose the emotional involvement is part of the entertainment. And, granted, when the Seahawks are on they are fun to watch. When they lose the community angst and anguish is palpable.IMG_7466

Each game becomes a week long discussion around the office cooler and on sports radio. During the off season the next season’s speculation is endless.

I have not contributed much to Seahawk fever. But I did carve a Seahawk bowl from a dry chunk of big leaf maple. It’s my kind of bowl game now. Felt pretty satisfied with this one. IMG_7467 (3)IMG_7462


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  1. *Very* nice bowl, Randy.

    And its such a gracious bow to the inevitable ‘uniting story’ of fandom, a collective belief that one belongs to a large tribe/family with essentially zero responsibility for anything that The Team (owners) do, from robbing taxpayers (all the repeated and never-ending tax subsidies for new stadiums) to deliberating encouraging harm, even death players. (Oh, I know – the players do it voluntarily and sometimes make a lot of $$$, our collective modern justification for all behavior, from corporate pollution-for-profit to … whatever.)

    Tribal fans support it all: financially; by continually retelling the story among other tribal members; by practicing all the required rituals (pre-game and game day parties, including required food & drink; by devoutly devouring the religious texts AKA media reports of all sorts; with full emotional commitment. It’s totally fascinating. Speaks to our species need to be Part of Something Bigger Than They Are. It’s way more than ‘just fun’. Obviously I’m in the minority on this, but I don’t think that makes these observations inaccurate.

    Keep on carving. I’m really enjoying seeing all your pieces.

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