Nov 172010

Damon Vrabel does have a plan. He outlines it in his talk on Sovereign Money

that is, money issued by our own government rather than by a banking cartel (The Federal Reserve Bank).  He recognizes it would be difficult to pull off but offers steps that we can begin to take now:

1. Pull money from the Big Banks. Use local credit unions.
2. As much as possible, stop doing business with multi-national corporations.
3. Turn off the TV which continually feeds us information provided by the folks at the top of the pyramid.
4. Get active with our local governments: city, county, state. Make them do their jobs.
5. Push states to reactivate the state banking system.
6. Start a Transition Town.
7. Get involved at the precinct level.
8. Reconnect with the local community; develop self-sufficiency.
9. Don’t vote in the Federal show; spend political energies locally.

You can keep up with Damon Vrabel by following his blog.


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