Oct 302011

In an earlier post titled “Transitioning Our Diet,” I quoted extensively from an essay by prepper and food writer Sharon Astyk who, conclusion, wrote, “It is not that we must eat wholly as we intend to eat, but it does matter that we begin the dietary and agricultural shift we inevitably face ahead of time.” The point of her essay was that in hard times, foods we have become used to might not be available.

Ms Astyk and her family are getting an early look at hard times. Located in New York State in the Schoharie Valley, her garden and most of the farms in the valley that she relied on to supplement the garden were wiped out by Hurrican Irene. Following Irene, heavy rains raised havoc with other crops that survived.

As a result, the hypothetical became the real and now she faces a winter without many of her family’s favorite food. You can read in this post how she plans to cope with the problem.

“What will I eat this winter?” is a question we all need to be prepared to answer.


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