Oct 072011

My monthly copy of the Washington State Grange News informs me that October is Co-op Month.

The Grange News also reports that United Nations General Assembly Resolution 64/136 proclaims 2012 to be the International Year of Cooperatives with the theme, “Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World.” The Grange News has an article on the Northwest Center for Cooperative Development which helps folks in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii start co-ops.

Here’s a video that illustrates the kind of project the Northwest Center for Cooperative Development gets involved with:


A list of projects The Northwest Center For Cooperative Development has been involved in includes such things as power generation, home care, housing, grocery stores and marketing.

It’s interesting to know,

1) That such an organization exists, and 2) That the Grange has a stake in promoting cooperative ventures.

The cooperative format might work for many activities on the island including: resupply, marketing of products, health care and private ferry service, to suggest only a few examples.


  3 Responses to “Year of the Co-op”

  1. Ooooh, I’ve generally been opposed to the idea of privatizing our ferry service, but a CO-OP ferry service–now that’s an interesting idea!

  2. It could be a CSF (Community Supported Ferry). Participants could buy an allotment of rides in advance and there would be no profit taking. But first we would need a public dock, built by the Port of Bellingham, funded from our tax contributions. Maybe start with limited runs only in the morning and evening for commuters with one of the tourists boats out of Fairhaven.

  3. There are a couple of fellows on the island working on just such and idea but don’t want to talk about it just yet.

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